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5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Concentration

It’s that time of the year where most students fear most! With exam season fast approaching, many students find focusing and concentrating harder than ever. Here are simple steps to strengthen your attention and focus: 1. Eat well for mental clarity Brain foods can have a great

The Jungle Games are Back!

Are you looking for something fun to do during the weekend? Sick of all the restaurants and the normal outings. Want an exciting new way to spend some family time while kids play around and watch people of all ages compete in fun activities? If that’s the

Are you ready for Transforma?

How often do you find someone following their dream and working hard to achieve it and make it happen? We were lucky enough to stumble across a young man who made his dream come true and decided to share with you the story of making the impossible,

The Ultimate “The Body Shop” Review

You can’t always buy everything, sometimes it’s better to go outside and pamper yourself with some store bought products. I find joy in shopping and buying new items especially if I know for sure that they are natural and that they will definitely do me good. One

Micellar Water, Your Answer to Everything!

No matter how perfect your skin is and how hard you work to maintain it and keep it, you must admit that you would love to cut down the steps or do everything in one quick step. Since we are always there for you and love helping

Be Good to You: Your Treat to Yourself!

We all get bored of eating at home and we would like to go and enjoy a meal out every once in a while, but choosing a healthy lifestyle calls for healthy eating, it can be hard to go to restaurants and enjoy a nice healthy meal.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Your Skin

At GetHealthyCairo, we always strive to help you get rid of all the artificial products and replace with natural and organic alternatives. Sweet Almond Oil is a light oil that replaces many expensive products. Here are five ways you can use Almond Oil to look and feel

How to Curb your Cravings the Healthy Way

Whether you are trying to eat healthier or shed those extra pounds, food cravings can be your worst nightmare! These cravings or the strong desire for specific food, especially unhealthy food that might strike any time of the day or night are actually your body telling you

Fresh Food Market: Not Your Average Supermarket

I know what you are thinking, what could possibly be so special about a supermarket that we have decided to write a review about it, but here’s the thing Fresh Food Market is out of the ordinary. It has an entire eatery inside, which serves salads, sushi,