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Healthy Egyptian Moussaka Recipe!

Here is our healthy Mouska recipe. Simply roast the eggplant instead of frying, no minced meat and no béchamel sauce, bingo! Ingredients 3 medium-sized Eggplants, sliced 1 Onion 2 Baladi Green Pepper (Fiflil Roumi) 5 cloves garlic 6 pieces of tomatoes 2 large Table Spoon white vinegar 1

5 Steps to Looking Younger!

Who doesn’t want to look and feel young at all times, we all do. We have been looking for tips and tricks for weeks and they have all been tried and tested. They will definitely make you look 10 years younger! The secret is finally out, and

African Clash: First African Ladies American Football Match

A group of girls who decided that they wanted to break something more than hearts, Pink Warriors is the first American Football team in Egypt. Samir ElDegwi, the founder, stated that when the girls first started, they were not who they are today. He said that in

Tips to Having Strong Nails During Summer Time!

Summer time is around the corner, and it’s the time where your nails are very visible. This is why you should take care of them as they reflect your good health, here are some tips to help you. Trim Regularly Regular trims are as important to your

Understanding Eating disorders

  Not a lot of people are familiar with eating disorders in Egypt and those who are familiar with it, never take it seriously. Although most of us dream of the perfect shape and search for different ways to lose weight, eating disorders are actually a serious

BB, CC and Foundation, When to use what?!

We all want flawless skin, and sometimes even if we don’t want to we surrender to the power of cosmetics, we do because they are a shortcut to the result we strive for. There are so many products that give you that flawless skin look from foundation

Your ‘Gluten-Free’ Guide!

You may find yourself sometimes complaining of how bloated you have suddenly become when you eat certain foods. How is this linked to Celiac Disease? What is “Gluten Free” and how can I follow such a lifestyle? Are there gluten free products in Egypt? These questions have

Maintaining Your Oily Skin In Summer

When heat approaches we tend to look for ways to feel fresh, often these ways include getting rid of make up and flaunting our fresh face and natural beauty! We want to help you feel more relaxed in your own skin, so we will have a series

Get More out of Lemon!

We know the most popular drink in summer is lemonade, it instantly refreshes and cools your insides on a hot day. Lemon is one of the most loved fruits but what you don’t know is that lemon can be used for beauty and health hacks! Lemon and