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5 Places You Can’t Miss in Sahel

A long weekend is exactly what we need to get out of Cairo and go to our beloved Sahel. Every year certain places boom and you find everyone talking about them, we don’t want you to miss out on any instagramable places or regret not going somewhere

8 Must Haves in Your Handbag This Summer!

It is summer time, while you are having some fun in the sun, we decided to keep you posted with 8 Summer must haves this season.   Sunglasses: Other than being a fashion accessory, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from UV, which could damage the

Top Egyptian Sunscreens to Save You This Summer!

We love the sun, but as nice as summer can be, summer in Egypt this year has gotten out of control and the sun is piercing. Imagine going sunscreen less to the beach in this sun, we will turn into burning Koftas! But the prices of sunscreen

Beat This Heat Stroke With Those 7 Tips!

We may not have the Gulf’s petrol or cash but we surely have their boiling hot weather! This week the weather is expected to hit 41⁰C which is something that we are not physically and emotionally prepared for. But don’t worry, we are always here to save

Ramadan 2017 Ads Are Spreading Hope and Joy!

Ramadan is coming to an end and after watching plenty of ads and using social media every single day we were able to clearly tell which ads made it to our hearts and surprisingly they were the 57357, 500 500 and Magdy Yaqoub! These ads are asking

Egypt Wins The 2017 African Fencing Championship!

Egypt excels as usual! Egyptian athletes are known to strive and excel in all championships. Fencing is one of the very few sports that are discussed among the Egyptian media which is a shame as our champs are raising our heads up high. The latest African championship

Benefits of Fasting

When Ramadan starts some of us dread the fact that we won’t be eating for almost 16 hours. What many people don’t know is that fasting has more benefits than eating every hour, here is why you should enjoy every hour of not eating. 1. Fasting Aids

Age As Beautifully As Leila Elwy, Check Out How!

Ramadan starts and our TVs are full of series and commercials. They are starred by shining celebrities, males and females. One however, stole the lights this celebrity is, Leila Elwy in Universal’s commercial. She proved that age is definitely just a number! The beautiful and stunning Elwy,

Bisara (crushed fava beans) recipe in 7 steps

For those following a plant based, a vegan diet, or simply looking for a healthy local choice, Bisara (crushed fava beans purée cooked with Egyptian herbs and served with caramelised onions) is a perfectly nutritious, aromatic and colourful meal. Here is the recipe for you! Prep time: