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Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Your Skin

At GetHealthyCairo, we always strive to help you get rid of all the artificial products and replace with natural and organic alternatives. Sweet Almond Oil is a light oil that replaces many expensive products. Here are five ways you can use Almond Oil to look and feel

How to Curb your Cravings the Healthy Way

Whether you are trying to eat healthier or shed those extra pounds, food cravings can be your worst nightmare! These cravings or the strong desire for specific food, especially unhealthy food that might strike any time of the day or night are actually your body telling you

Fresh Food Market: Not Your Average Supermarket

I know what you are thinking, what could possibly be so special about a supermarket that we have decided to write a review about it, but here’s the thing Fresh Food Market is out of the ordinary. It has an entire eatery inside, which serves salads, sushi,

Nike Launches Pro Hijab

Women are constantly challenging the societal norms in everything in life, from jobs and marriages to sports.  We are constantly trying to prove ourselves, and we are constantly fighting for equality. it’s enough to have to face the challenges of being a woman, some have to deal

5 Egyptian Women to Watch Out for in 2017

Everyday is a women’s day, but March 8 is the day the world decided to celebrate us. Egyptian women are making it everywhere all over the world, we can’t possibly limit the number of great women out there. Whether you are on this list or not you are

5 Reasons to Channel Your Inner Samia Gamal

Today, we are celebrating the birth of the beautiful and most graceful Belly Dancer, Samia Gamal. This beauty queen filled our life with happiness and grace, just the sight of her dancing made our day. She aged beautifully and her death was a great loss to the

Nader Rophail: From Swimmer to Dreamer

Finding your passion is tricky and not everyone is blessed with finding it. Those who do tend to hold on tight to it and they build their dreams accordingly, but what happens when your forced to stray away from your passion? Do you lose hope and give

5 Ways to Stay Happy During Working Hours

We spend at least eight hours a day, five days a week at work. It’s okay to feel stressed out and overloaded, what is not okay is to ignore it. We have done the research and all what you have to do is to follow it. Here

Are These Our Last Ten Years on Earth?

Why These Might Be Our Last Ten Years on Earth NASA Spitzer Space Telescope has found seven Earth like exoplanets in orbit around a single ultra cool white dwarf star. The star is known as Trappist-1 and is only less than 40 light years away. Which means