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Mr and Mrs US Open Ali Farag and Nour El Tayeb

Mr and Mrs US Open Ali Farag and Nour El Tayeb became the first married couple to win World Series titles on the SAME day Saturday night Oct 14th, 2017. The couple Ali Farag and Nour El Tayeb; the squash champions have won a special achievement after being

Fight Like A Girl: Five Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

Nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle, the right foods can help build immunity, strength and even fight diseases. Here are five foods that fight Breast Cancer 1.Spinach Vitamin B is necessary for proper cell division, and stymies changes to DNA that may lead to breast

Breast Cancer: Attack It Before It Attacks You!

Do you know that ALL women are at risk of breast cancer? Do you know that breast cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in women today, after lung cancer? Do you know that the average woman has a 12% to 13% risk of developing breast

Fight Like A Girl: Look for Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

October is breast cancer awareness month. We are always told to look for signs and symptoms, and to do normal checkups but as a matter of fact, we can’t go for mammograms every single month. Mammograms should only be done when you are over forty years old,

100 Days to New Years: Quit Smoking Resolution

You can still make your new year’s resolution come true, you have 100 days left! If your new year’s resolution was to quit smoking then here is how you can do it in only 100 days. Make a list why you want to quit: It is important

How to Deal with Bullies

Being bullied is a thing that almost all of us have been through, you can get bullied at work, the gym or even while driving. Bullying among children however is different, it forms who they are and their perspective on life. It can also lead to having

7 Healthy Snack Ideas for your kids to Take to School this Season

It’s that time of the year again when you’re running around between getting school supplies, getting the kids back on their feet, and trying to prepare quick and easy snacks for them to take to school. With all the chaos and the endless unhealthy food options surrounding

Teaching Kids Hygiene

School is the perfect place for diseases, with hundreds of kids running around, playing in mud and touching almost all the time. A way of controlling your kids’ illnesses is by teaching them the proper methods of hygiene, here are simple tips to follow to make your

Arab Women Shine with More Success in 2017

Particularly In this year, it is clear that women in the Arab world are achieving consecutive successes and proving their worth more and more. The ranking seems obvious at the level of the banking sector in the region, where a number of women with notable achievements have