“Change the way you see things and the things you see will change”

Wayne Dyer


In today’s world, we are experiencing more uncertain and troubling times than ever before. Here are 10 simple yet foolproof habits positive people have adopted to maintain their positive spirits in spite of it all

1. They seek happiness from within

They identify with their own internal sources of positive energy

2. They practice mindfulness

They spend a few minutes a day with your eyes closed focused on their breathing, or looking at the sky, emptying their minds of anything but the moment they are in

3. They believe there is always a solution

Even if they reach rock bottom, they believe it happens so they can get to the top even stronger

4. They focus on the future

They have a vision board of all the things they want in life. They revisit the board daily to remind themselves of their life purpose

5. They are grateful

They make a daily list of things they are grateful to GOD for. They thank HIM and feel blessed

6. They cultivate authenticity

They don’t let others’ opinions of who they should be or what they should do paralyze them. In fact, they use disapproval as an indicator of being real and true

7. They know when to say a positive NO

Positive people know how to say “no” to the things they don’t need to say “yes” to. The value of saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ for the right reasons is priceless in having a positive life!

8. They have faith

They trust their intuition and have faith in God. They don’t always have to be certain and sure of the plan

9. They embrace play and rest

They know that exhaustion and anxiety are not status symbols, and they distinguish between productivity and self-worth

10. They are self-compassionate

They embrace their vulnerabilities, imperfections and acknowledge their needs


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