Working out is one of the best things you can do for your body and overall health, but for some, it can turn into an obsession. Here are 5 things you will surely experience if you are a workout obsessed freak.


1) Your friends will start to doubt your existence.

You will start avoiding outings to go spend time in the gym with your favorite gym machine, bar or dumbbells instead. You can easily cancel out outings, family or friends gatherings and feel ZERO guilt.

2) Your phone will be full of …. YOU

Your Mobile phone’s photo gallery is full of selfies at the gym, videos of your new PR or motivational pictures bout fitness!

3) Your closet is 99% gym clothes!

You don’t have room in your closet for normal clothes and the only shopping you enjoy doing is sports gear related! Laundry is almost always full of your workout clothes.

4) You spend the majority of your income on supplements 

You spend too much money on supplements; from whey protein, to multivitamins to pre-workouts; your list is endless. 

5) A relationship is too cliche for you

You are not ready for a relationship, its a waste of time. The only thing you could settle for is a partner who will work out with you.


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