There are strange types of people we stumble upon in our lives, here are 6 types of people you are likely to encounter when you take a trip to the gym.

1) The Makeup freak! 

More makeup than you’d wear on your wedding day! A Ponytail is optional. They always look flawless! They may not ever actually workout, and who cares? This type doesn’t sweat, they sparkle! Weights? No way, they will chip their nail polish.

2) The terribly loud Social Butterfly

The only thing that gets a proper training is their mouth! They’ll be happy to share with the entire gym their weekend plans, spoil the latest movie they saw, or even tell you about their personal lives! Hearing these voices over your music while working out is one of those triggers that will get you looking around for the eye contact of your colleagues, just to reassure yourself that you’re not the only one who finds this type of behavior completely distracting and annoying.


3) The Experimenter

This is perhaps the funniest and saddest person to watch in the gym. They stare at the machines in utter confusion, gingerly walking around trying to figure out what to do. This person usually signed up for a gym membership with the best intentions but then got there and realized they have no clue what to do. You will often find them incorrectly using various pieces of equipment that have nothing to do with each other before resigning themselves to the treadmill.

4) The Selfie freaks!

To them, working out is all about pictures. You will see them taking pictures and videos of themselves the whole time. Their Instagram accounts are probably flooded with things like #AtTheGym and #DoYouEvenLift. They will have pictures of their arms, legs and even abs.


5) The forgetful

Flip flops, jeans, whatever the missing element is, it’s clear some crucial piece of gym gear just didn’t make it into his or her bag this morning. You’ll know you’ve encountered the “forgetful’ when they squeeze in next to you in the fitness session 20 minutes after class has already started.

6) Mr. I Know It All

Mr. I know it all thinks he is a gym instructor, he will try to lead you through every single exercise you do. He will try to show off his capabilities by lifting heavy weights and stunting in front of you. will you fall for it?

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