Winning without Losing sums up 66 strategies for entrepreneurs  to succeed in business and lead a happy, balanced life.

It answers questions like how to boost your efficiency, get rid of time and energy wasters, and find time for a regular workout! through tried and tested tips and tricks by top-notch successful entrepreneurs and established businessmen/women. Written by 2 Scandinavian entrepreneurs (Martin Bjergegaard & Jordan Milne – founders of the RainMaking a startup accelerator with a handful of million dollar exits) Winning Without Losing is a hands-on, inspirational guide to starting a successful business, sticking to your core values and enjoying life.

 Our favourite strategies 

  1. Hook up with people who share your passion! Allow your own energy to interact with the energy of like-minded others.
  2. Turn your to-do list into a today list! Instead of tackling your ‘forever’ to-do list, purposefully make a today list instead.
  3. Keep it Simple! Starting a business or a relationship, just keep it simple.
  4. Pause your Mind – take a mental break during your office hours, or when you get stuck with a problem.
  5. Get your sleep! Need I say more! Make a point of getting fully rested every night.
  6. Apply the lean approach to your daily activities! Hire a driver, do grocery shopping online
  7. Assemble your wheel (Don’t start up a business alone, gather a team of great co-founders)
  8. Stay away from energy wasters – Yes, we all know them! Avoid assholes and DON’t become one!
  9. Deal with conflicts in person! Don’t send that email.
  10. The Art of Listening! Listen intently to honestly understand the other’s perspective.
  11. Don’t Delay Tough Decisions! It is tough, but we have got to do it, don’t delay sacking that lovely, happy and unproductive new employee.

Winning Without Losing is available at the Bookspot Maadi for 150 EGP


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