Here is our carefully chosen 7 affordable yet STUNNING honeymoon spots you never knew about! Honeymoons are meant to be unique, romantic and full of sparkle, here we  will suggest some spectacular places to consider for your honeymoon that are easy on your wallet, …Hawaii and Bali are  not on our list!

Tanzania, Zanzibar

Honeymoon Destination-The-Rock-Restaurant-in-Zanzibar-1

Zanzibar is all about adventure and relaxation, it is a mix of both really! First off you can enjoy the Indian ocean amazing blue sky  islands, tropical sunsets and white sandy beaches, and for a little fun time a safari is a must! For the safari you will go to two wonderful places (with a tour guide of course), those places are Lake Manyara & Ngorongoro. You will see many animals in their natural habitats including turtles, hippos, giraffes and even flamingoes! We assure you Zanzibar is a must GO! Check Tripadvisor best packages. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Honeymoon Spot, Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is considered one of the most romantic cities, located in South Africa. It is surrounded by some of the country’s most stunning scenery. It is now becoming more and more popular with newlyweds looking for a luxurious African honeymoon. Cape Town will take you through a vibrant city full of gorgeous places, where at the end of each day, you can discover new places and enjoy the sunset view with romantic, candle-lit dining. In addition to its palm beaches and turquoise waters with a powdery white beach. This is one of the world’s most wonderful honeymoon havens! Check deals here.

Jamaica, the Caribbean Sea  

Honeymoon Spot jamaica

Jamaica has great honeymoon destinations for every taste, from the classic and down to earth accommodations to the luxurious fancy ones. However, whatever your budget is, you will LOVE IT! Just like Jennifer Aniston said: “An island paradise full of spectacular adventure, cuisine and attractions “and we double that! Check TripAdvisor best honeymoon resorts in Jamaica.


Honeymoon Spot Kenya

A reason why many people choose Kenya for a honeymoon destination is because it has a vast range of accommodation in some of the most unique and remote wilderness locations in Africa. Furthermore, this country really does have something for everyone. The North has the wildlife and safaris and then there is the coastline, with some brilliant beaches, diving and fishing. Check 15 Best Honeymoon Hotels in Kenya by TripAdvisor 

Goa, India

Honeymoon Spot Goa India

Goa is one of India’s smallest state and it is known as queen of beaches in India. It has beautiful hotels and spas located with attractive sceneries. The roads are decorated with lush green vegetation. You can also take the train and enjoy those lush green forests and long tunnels. Being a coastal area, beaches are the main attractions, where you can enjoy the sunset view, soft sands and warm sea waters, so Goa is the perfect place for couples to relax on their romantic holiday and experience a little Indian taste! Check Honeymoon Resorts in Goa

The Philippines

Honeymoon Spot philippines

One thing’s for sure, the Philippines is a destination for romance. There are countless activities for couples! There are tons of things to enjoy, from beaches to spas and getting back to nature. When visiting the Philippines don’t forget to hire a kayak and paddle on the calm crystal blue waters. And also show off your tan and enjoy the lovely weather! If you’re craving the ultimate getaway, head to one of the Philippines’ remote islands, where you can expect the ultimate in privacy and relaxation. You’ll certainly want to stay a while, we all need some refreshment don’t we?! Check 30 Best Philippines Honeymoon Resorts. 

Tulum, Mexico

Honeymoon Spot tulum-mexico

Mexico is a great honeymoon destination, with affordable prices and great services! You’ll find an endless number of beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and of course relaxing time. Most hotels have a full day plan for newlyweds with inclusive meals! For Mexican food lovers, this will definitely get your tummy smiling! Enjoy your timeout. N.B. you can go to all those places (eventually). Check 5 Best Tulum Honeymoon Resorts 


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