Ramadan starts and our TVs are full of series and commercials. They are starred by shining celebrities, males and females. One however, stole the lights this celebrity is, Leila Elwy in Universal’s commercial. She proved that age is definitely just a number!

The beautiful and stunning Elwy, looks as young as a 20 year old. Everyone is wondering how she managed to stay this youthful. We have been thinking, and since not everyone can magically grow younger like our superstar, we decided to take drastic measurements and add an anti-aging cream to our skin care routine.  This is to we make sure that we slow down our aging nightmare.

Anti aging cream is not a treatment, and it is not something you use after the aging signs start showing. It is however, something that you should use when you are younger to maintain the healthy and young skin you already have. The age of which you should start using Anti Aging cream varies, but most studies showed that the most suitable time is when you are 25.

The research is ready and we are presenting it to you on a silver platter no matter what your budget is. On this list you will find your way to aging gracefully, like Leila Alwy!

1. L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3


3. Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer Broad Spectrum


Lancome Age Cream
5. Eva Collagen


What kind of Anti Aging cream do you use? If you are not a fan of Anti aging creams, and still want to age beautifully check out our article on the natural ways to look younger 5 Steps to Looking Younger!


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