It has been four years since Christian Bale’s Batman finished his run in The Dark Knight Rises. Now Ben Affleck takes over as the lead actor in the movie Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice, it was already premiered last Wednesday and people were impressed with Ben’s body transformation and of-course great acting skills! Everyone on social media tweeted and wrote about team Batman vs team Superman. 

There was a common state of shock and mixed emotions when Ben Affleck was announced to be the upcoming Batman. As being Batman is not an easy task, Affleck has already done the hard part and transformed his body. The 43 year-old star had all our jaws dropped with his rippling muscles and firm body. The question remains: how did this transformation happen?

Ben went on a very strict workout routine that allowed him to pack on muscle mass quickly. The first thing he did was use Rehan Jalali’s expertise. The former body building champion is the man behind this Batman transformation.


Rihan focused on having a full body analysis first. He was pro having everything tested, blood tests, hydration tests and even genetic tests. This helped Rihan understand how everyone’s body is and what it needs. As for Ben, Rihan’s emphasis was on lifting heavy weight and having a strict diet to get the transformation he wanted.

According to, Ben exercised twice daily, if not more. He did high knee runs, double leg squats, and hip lifts. Ben’s transformation took about 4 months. His full workout routine is in this link.


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