At GetHealthyCairo, we always strive to help you get rid of all the artificial products and replace with natural and organic alternatives. Sweet Almond Oil is a light oil that replaces many expensive products. Here are five ways you can use Almond Oil to look and feel different:

  1. Promotes Eyelash Length

Almond oil strengths your hair follicles and promotes hair growth.  You can simply use an old mascara wand for application. Dip it in almond oil and apply the oil on the eyelashes, just the way you would apply mascara. Do this just before you go to bed or in your free time. Watch your lashes getting thicker and prettier with time and get the flirty look!

  1. Reduces Dark Circles

Dark circles are a problem that most people share, no amount of concealers and color correctors can save us from those panda eyes. The vitamin E in the almond oil will renew the skin, and with regular use, lighten the skin under your eyes.  Just massage almond eyes under your eyes before you go to bed and wash it in the morning.

  1. Treats Chapped Lips

If your lips have been damaged by winter and you are too worried you won’t be able to flaunt the vibrant summer lipsticks, then almond oil is for you. Almond oil’s rich vitamin content and moisturizing properties can make your lips soft and pink. Apply it to your lips and massage it or you can leave it over night.

  1. Almond Oil as Moisturiser

Replace your moisturizer and hand and feet cream with Sweet Almond Oil. It is an inexpensive substitute for hand and foot creams. It smoothens the skin and makes it baby soft and also gets easily absorbed in the skin owing to its lightness. Almond Oil is also good for treating cracked heels, so you can be prepared for summer sandals.

  1. Delays Signs of Aging

If you are scared your skin is going to become saggy and wrinkly, then slow down the process with Almond Oil. It is full of vitamins and fatty acids. This will slow down the signs of aging and will make your skin feeling young and healthy.

6. Hair Growth

There is various scientific studies, which show almond oil’s benefits and how effective it really is at treating hair loss. For more information on almond oil for hair growth and to find out how to make a DIY almond oil shampoo, see this link.

It is amazing what a little bottle of natural oil can do, try it out and let us know what you think! Stay Healthy.

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