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Know Your Hair Porosity!

We all want to have naturally beautiful hair which is why we are always buying products to maintain a flawless hair. But what if I told you that that 500 EGP shampoo can do more harm than benefit your strands. What might have worked for your best

What I Noticed After Going 30 Days Heat Free

I, like any other girl find it easier to have my hair done 24/7, to always be ready to go. I used to go to the salon twice a week and sometimes three times if we are in summer. I used to have naturally curly hair, that

5 Ways to Treat a Sunburn

If you were not luck enough to read our previous article about how to protect yourself from the sun then this is probably why you are here! if the sun was not your best friend this summer, and burnt you skin then here are five quick fixes to

Top Egyptian Sunscreens to Save You This Summer!

We love the sun, but as nice as summer can be, summer in Egypt this year has gotten out of control and the sun is piercing. Imagine going sunscreen less to the beach in this sun, we will turn into burning Koftas! But the prices of sunscreen

Age As Beautifully As Leila Elwy, Check Out How!

Ramadan starts and our TVs are full of series and commercials. They are starred by shining celebrities, males and females. One however, stole the lights this celebrity is, Leila Elwy in Universal’s commercial. She proved that age is definitely just a number! The beautiful and stunning Elwy,

5 Steps to Looking Younger!

Who doesn’t want to look and feel young at all times, we all do. We have been looking for tips and tricks for weeks and they have all been tried and tested. They will definitely make you look 10 years younger! The secret is finally out, and

Tips to Having Strong Nails During Summer Time!

Summer time is around the corner, and it’s the time where your nails are very visible. This is why you should take care of them as they reflect your good health, here are some tips to help you. Trim Regularly Regular trims are as important to your

BB, CC and Foundation, When to use what?!

We all want flawless skin, and sometimes even if we don’t want to we surrender to the power of cosmetics, we do because they are a shortcut to the result we strive for. There are so many products that give you that flawless skin look from foundation

Maintaining Your Oily Skin In Summer

When heat approaches we tend to look for ways to feel fresh, often these ways include getting rid of make up and flaunting our fresh face and natural beauty! We want to help you feel more relaxed in your own skin, so we will have a series