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8 Must Haves in Your Handbag This Summer!

It is summer time, while you are having some fun in the sun, we decided to keep you posted with 8 Summer must haves this season.   Sunglasses: Other than being a fashion accessory, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from UV, which could damage the

5 Tips for a Healthier Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching!  For lots of people, it’s time when all our healthy habits go out the window. Maintaining healthy habits are always challenging. But Ramadan, with fasting and social gatherings, can be the toughest time of the year to indulge with

African Clash: First African Ladies American Football Match

A group of girls who decided that they wanted to break something more than hearts, Pink Warriors is the first American Football team in Egypt. Samir ElDegwi, the founder, stated that when the girls first started, they were not who they are today. He said that in

Are you ready for Transforma?

How often do you find someone following their dream and working hard to achieve it and make it happen? We were lucky enough to stumble across a young man who made his dream come true and decided to share with you the story of making the impossible,

Nader Rophail: From Swimmer to Dreamer

Finding your passion is tricky and not everyone is blessed with finding it. Those who do tend to hold on tight to it and they build their dreams accordingly, but what happens when your forced to stray away from your passion? Do you lose hope and give

Blood Type diet … Is it worth it?!

Have you ever tried so many diet regimes, yet had no results at the end of the week? Have you ever heard of the blood type diet though? Let us dive deep about that type of diet and how it may be affecting all your diet decisions…

Lush Poolside Yoga

On a fine Wed summer evening, I’m delighted to take myself out on a me time venture to a quiet, green neighborhood 5 minutes away from where I reside in Rehab. I was invited by La Nouva Vista to an exciting Body and Soul event. Excited to treat myself

CrossFit Monkey Bars Turns 1!!

CrossFit Monkey Bars is one year old! And for this occasion, they had decided to celebrate with some serious fun: The Jungle Games! Taking place on Friday June 3rd in their new facility inside the International School of Elite Education, The Jungle Games will feature two main

10 Egyptian Champs To Watch In Rio 2016

The Olympic flame has finally landed in Rio and the countdown has begun! It is time to watch for our Egyptian champs, who are likely to come back home crowned with Olympic medals. The summer Olympics in 2016 are set to take place in Brazil for both Olympics