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CrossFit Monkey Bars Turns 1!!

CrossFit Monkey Bars is one year old! And for this occasion, they had decided to celebrate with some serious fun: The Jungle Games! Taking place on Friday June 3rd in their new facility inside the International School of Elite Education, The Jungle Games will feature two main

CrossFit Stars Opens In Mountain View!

The first CrossFit box to open up in Egypt was CrossFit Stars. Who is the person behind this box? The answer is Ramy Salah, the ex- professional tennis player and also known as “The godfather of CrossFit in Egypt”. Ramy opened up the well know CrossFit affiliate “CrossFit Stars”

Meet Egypt’s Fittest Mama: Nazli Mahmoud

Imagine being a wife, a mother of two and a business owner while still being in better shape than ever! Nazli Mahmoud, founder and Head Coach of  Rhea CrossFit was able to do just that!  Tell us about your body transformation After giving birth to two kids, I gained a

How To Avoid CrossFit Injuries?

CrossFit And Injuries You had probably heard that CrossFit is dangerous. Google ‘CrossFit injuries’ and you will find plenty of articles and memes blaming CrossFit for its quiet high injury rate. In fact, CrossFit  – like any other sport – is not injury free. Injuries happen due

To Paleo Or Not?

If you’re into CrossFit, then you had definitely heard about Paleo diet. A simple search on our good old Google will haze you with loads of articles, studies, testimonials & individual experiences of Paleo diet. The availability of such wealth of info makes it rather hard to distinguish what’s based

The One Step To Be A CrossFit Coach

There is a CrossFit craze going on in Cairo now. With boxes opening up in almost all the major districts in Cairo, to normal conventional gyms offering CrossFit classes; the question becomes: Can anyone actually coach CrossFit despite the complexity of its program? Becoming a CrossFit Coach According

CrossFit Engine 38 Review!

Address: Sodic Westown Hub in Beverly Hills. Website: Kids are known to be full of energy and playfulness, but, if this energy is not exerted, they can cause tantrums! It can be challenging for parents to select activities in which they can enroll their child. Sports,

Meet The Fittest Man in the Middle East 2015

    Couple of weeks ago, one of the biggest fitness events in the Middle East  – ELFIT 2015 Season 3, announced its winners. With over 500 athletes competing from Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Kuwait over the title, Haitham Mahgoub (Instagram @haitham_mhgoub) took home the title of the Fittest Man in the Middle east 2015.  This year marks

Considering CrossFit?

Are you considering CrossFit? In the previous article Into The CrossFit World, we briefly discussed the CrossFit method and how it differs from Boot camps. The first question that comes across the mind of anyone thinking of starting CrossFit, is whether they will be able to do