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8 Must Haves in Your Handbag This Summer!

It is summer time, while you are having some fun in the sun, we decided to keep you posted with 8 Summer must haves this season.   Sunglasses: Other than being a fashion accessory, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from UV, which could damage the

5 Fitness Myths Busted!

There are tons of myths and lies in the fitness field. As people are becoming more aware of their overall health and fitness level, some of these myths are slowly fading away; while others seem to need more effort. We picked the top 5 fitness myths we

Top Muscle Building Mistakes

Working out like a maniac? Popping a whole lot of pills? Overdosing on powders and who knows what else? Do you have an Olympian physique yet? No? Then let me tell you why! Here are the Top Muscle Building Mistakes: Exercising Too Much Don’t tell me you’re

Let’s Talk About Whey!

The one thing you’ll surely find in the arsenal of anyone who takes fitness seriously is a tub of whey protein. Admittedly I’ve met some who shy away from it refusing any sort of supplementation. I don’t believe in magic pills but let’s shed some light on

5 Simple Tips to Ease Your Back Pain!

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor. Severe back pain can stop you from doing many things. Most people experience back pain problems at least once in their lives. Whatever the reason is, back pain could be a serious problem if not taken

How To Avoid CrossFit Injuries?

CrossFit And Injuries You had probably heard that CrossFit is dangerous. Google ‘CrossFit injuries’ and you will find plenty of articles and memes blaming CrossFit for its quiet high injury rate. In fact, CrossFit  – like any other sport – is not injury free. Injuries happen due

Top 5 Muscle Building Foods

Have you started working on your summer body yet? Are you working hard to get fit and gain muscle before the hot season arrives? Are you paying as much attention to your nutrition as you are to your training schedule? You should! Nutrition, although ignored by many, is

4 Ways to Lose Fat & Build Muscles

Have you started working on your killer abs for your summer body yet? Have the holidays added a few kilos on your hips that you can’t wait to shed? Do you want to lose fat and have a fit lean muscular body at the same time? Here

Get The Most Out Of Your Weight Training

Hitting the gym has become a steady habit in our modern lives. It is a great way to stay healthy, fit, and to keep a balanced state of mind. Everyone has their own training routine depending on what they are aiming at achieving; whether it’s increased stamina, muscle gain, weight loss,