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Build A Stronger Core!

Before we start talking about core exercises, we need to understand what core muscles are and why it is important to ‘work on them’. Core muscles include abdominal muscles, back, backside and pelvis muscles. Stronger core muscles can increase your physical ability, stamina, not to mention help you

5 Rules For Ultimate Workout Results

Many of us have incorporated exercise as part of our daily or weekly routine, but are we getting the most out f it? Many factors can prevent you from receiving the results and benefits of your workout starting from bad exercise habits, to an insufficient diet. The Five

Reasons To Consider Strength Training

Strength Training For A Healthier You Despite its health benefits, strength training tends to have a bad reputation of being a “man-only” sport. Regardless of your gender, Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle/strength or get healthier, you definitely need to consider including strength training in

Officercise! workout in your office!

It has been a hard day at work today; I watched 3 videos, surfed the internet for over an hour, jotted down my ideas on paper and had my lunch at my desk! I had been sitting down for 8 hours straight with my headphones on! It is