Do you ever notice how a powerful color can change your mood? There are clear relationships between colors and emotions!

Colors can affect a person’s behavior because it can change the way a person feels. It can affect mood, feelings and emotions whatever the color you gravitate toward whether it warm, inviting, romantic or soft it’s a print. It save memory of every pattern you ever lived with.

Ancient societies, such as the Egyptians and Chinese, used color as a healing therapy. This therapy is used even today as an alternative treatment for different conditions. It uses the color red to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation. Yellow is used for cleansing and nerve stimulation. Orange is thought to help with lungs and energy levels. Blue is known as a relaxing color, and some use it to treat pain. Indigo is used to eliminate skin problems.

We can consider colors one of the main elements of design by understanding the relationship between color and mood can help you strategically select hues for your interior, we’ll throw in a bit of color theory for fun! After all, you can use color to create specific moods and feelings in your home, such as relaxed, joyful and safe. So bring your paintbrush along and get ready for a radiant read!


Relaxing Blue

Blue reflect the color of the sea and the sky, flowing water is relaxing and heavenly, isn’t it?

It has a blissfully natural look creating a relaxing calming vibe, it also invites you to escape. Below we see an elegant living room decked out in shades of blueRelaxing Blue






Red, Yellow & Orange You Crazy for Warm Tones?

  Bright shades have the power to energize they should be kept out of living and sleeping spaces, Colors that energize are perfect for rooms centered around the preparation and enjoyment of foodwarm colors






Green power of this shade from nature

Green has the power to make us feel peaceful and safe, as well as connected to nature. The combination between all white rooms and the green color reflect the perfection, refreshing white and natural, it reminds us that just outside is a natural world ready to explore








Gray & beige The Power of Neutrals

They are calm, steady and quiet, and they can tone down other vibrant shades, a perfect hue for uniting a range of decor choices in large and small spaces alike.


Finally because not only does the strategic use of color result in the interior mood of your choice, you create visual perspectives that make your home is a piece of art. Which can be truly inspiring!


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