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CrossFit? Many of us are familiar with the sport but don’t really understand what it’s it all about. Well, CrossFit  is all about principal strength and conditioning. It delivers a fitness that is, broad, general, and inclusive. There are various CrossFit affiliates popping up in Egypt, and today we are telling you about CrossFit Pharoahs!

The story behind Crossfit Pharaohs is quite interesting. In 1991, CrossFit Pharoahs was named Tantawy Gym. Back then, it was a fitness gym where coach Tantawy worked his magic and made people shed the extra pounds. All they had to do was to follow his workout routine and tips! Some lost up to 8 kilos a month! Coach Tantawy believed in natural weight loss ways, the only thing he needed in order to help people he trained lose the weight was their commitment!


In 2013, CrossFit became quite popular in Egypt, and that was when the Tantawy’s family: Ekramy, Rocky, Kareem and Sharaf decided to collaborate with coach Tantawy and start a CrossFit box. CrossFit Pharoahs is located in the heart of Heliopolis. The gym has very loyal customers who looked happy to train. It is full of good vibes and motivational trainers, I must say coach Tantawy is quite awesome!

Let’s take you through the process at CrossFit Pharoahs to give you a feel of the place. After your initial inquiry, there is an opportunity for you to discuss your goals with a member of the coaching team. Before you into training, the trainer gets to know your goals and requirements.


After that, you will enroll in the beginners program, gone are the days when beginners were thrown into an advanced class. So unless you were a previous CrossFit athlete, you will start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up.

As Rocky explained, the beginners program provides an opportunity to assess your ability and address any limitations you may have. It kills your fears and shows you new things you would have never thought you could do.

Rocky also mentioned how CrossFit Pharoahs main aim is to make customers see an improvement in themselves. He believes that if done correctly, CrossFit works.However, you have to be training consistently, eating well, and sleeping well, those things have to work together to get the needed results from your CrossFit experience.

In a chat with coach Tantawy, he stated that training is about commitment. He explained how sometimes people quit training after reaching their desired weight goal; but eventually they ended up gaining it back! He concluded by stating that being able to train regularly needs to be a part of your lifestyle in order to remain fit and healthy.

I must say that training in a group of  like-minded people helps motivate you. Focus on why you want to train, focus on your goals and use that to keep you motivated. CrossFit Pharoahs is one of those places that will help you break your glass sealing, push your limits and achieve new things. We suggest you give them a try!



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