Gebna We Bateekh combination!

White cheese and  ice cold watermelon combination is a traditional Egyptian snack adored by many of us in summer. The sweet and sour flavor is refreshingly divine and uplifting. Not only in Egypt, we’ve just been told, it is also a traditional snack in some regions of Bulgaria! (Why Bulgaria.. is left to you to ponder on a hot summer day!)

Watermelon and the Pharaohs! 

To taste a watermelon is to know “what the angels eat” Mark Twain proclaimed  once, surely the angels lived in Egypt!

Watermelon probably originated in Africa before it spread to the Mediterranean countries and later into other parts of the world. Our ancient Egyptian ancestors placed watermelon in Pharaoh’s tombs, including King Tut’s, to revive them in the afterlife some 4000 years ago.

Watermelon Benefits

Watermelon is mostly water around 91%, which makes it a perfect hydrating fruit on hot days, while its fiber will encourage  healthy digestion. Each juicy sweet wedge has a good amount of:

  • Vitamin A:  Antioxidant source, which helps in protecting the cells from the daily toxic damage caused by oxidation
  • Vitamin B6: Brain function booster and mood stabilizer
  • Vitamin C: Immunity booster & anti inflammatory functions
  • Potassium: Muscle building & protein synthesizer
  • Magnesium: Blood pressure stabilizer, strengthen bones; steady heart rhythm

White Cheese (Gebna Beda) 

Estanboly, Areesh, Barameely, Double Cream, white cheese varieties are endless. Traditionally it is made from fresh cow milk in the farms, (There is evidence of cheese making in Ancient Egypt some 4000 years ago) its nutrients include:

  • Protein: Essential for building and repairing body tissues
  • Calcium: Not only vital for bones and teeth strengthening but also essential for weight management and provide relief of PMS.



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