26 year old Alexandrian Raneem El Weliliy topped the 9 year reign of Nicol David and has become the world number ONE ranking squash player.  (instagrm & Twitter @raneemelelily) Facebook 

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have become the new World No.1,” said Rino, who was named PSA Women’s Player of the Year in 2015.

The two time former World Junior Champion Raneem, made her top ten debut in Aug 2010 at No 10. Her successful carrier rolled on where she held the World’s No 2 position behind Nicol David since 2012.

Rino’s best friends and fellow Egyptians hold 6 position on the Workld’s top 20 List:  Omneya Abdel Kawy moves up to No. 6, while Nour Sherbini moves to No 7. Nour El-Tayeb moves down 3 positions to No.8.  Nouran Gohar moves 2 ranks up to No. 13 and Salma Ibrahim to No. 20.

Modest Raneem says “Nicol has been number one for so long and the gap between her and all of us has been so huge that to get close to her is an achievement in itself. To be the person to finally overtake her is huge for me.

“I know I could just be there for one month and that that’s ok because I still need to do more in order for me to earn that spot – at the moment it’s only a matter of calculation. I know that the challenge now is proving whether I’m worthy of staying there or not. If I want to do that then it all rests on how I perform this season.”

“Having that ranking makes me even more determined to try my best this season but it’s important not to put too much pressure on myself,” she said.

“I’m trying to be hungrier this season than ever before and I’ll need that hunger if I’m to stay at the top and hopefully I can start the season well in China.”

Raneem’s husband Tarek Momen (ranks 9. on the men’s World Squash List)  is extremely happy with his young wife’s success ” I can’t really describe how proud I’m of her, I can’t wait to see her maintain a firm grip over the position, for as long as she could and hopefully topping this up with a World Open title soon”


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