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SAD in Winter?!

If you are feeling down at this time of year, don’t be so hard on yourself… It’s completely normal to sometimes feel sad or blue without an obvious reason, especially in winter. However, some people may suffer from a clinical seasonal depression known as SAD* that can

Breakfast has never been this EASY!

This is why we brought you these 6 time-saving and easy breakfast ideas to give your body the kick-start it needs. These recipes will take up just 10 minutes, and will leave you feeling satisfied yet energized. … We assure you those recipes will look and taste

A Perfect Guide for Improving Relationships

Men are from Mars, Women are from venues; is basically a prescription for all who are struggling in their relationships by offering a simple psychological analysis of the nature of men and women which will facilitate dealing with the opposite sex. we mistakenly think that our partners

Color that sparks a memory in each corner in your home!!!

Do you ever notice how a powerful color can change your mood? There are clear relationships between colors and emotions! Colors can affect a person’s behavior because it can change the way a person feels. It can affect mood, feelings and emotions whatever the color you gravitate toward

A life Changing speech

 “This is water” is a speech given by David Foster Wallace in Kenyon College. It covers the importance of adjusting our default settings, how to take conscious decisions and what to pay attention to. David foster begins his speech by narrating an anecdote about two small fish, who don’t know that

Guide to your Migraine

A lot of people don’t recognize Migraine as a chronic disease, others mistake it for common headaches, and some people don’t realize that in fact what they suffer from are Migraine attacks. This disease could be tricky and misdiagnosed because it can be shadowed as another disease with the

Blood Type diet … Is it worth it?!

Have you ever tried so many diet regimes, yet had no results at the end of the week? Have you ever heard of the blood type diet though? Let us dive deep about that type of diet and how it may be affecting all your diet decisions…

Must-See Diving Sites in Dahab

Sinai is one of god’s heavens on Earth and its red sea contains a coral reef so stunning it will capture your imagination and soul! Dahab, the magical town located in front of some of the most beautiful spots of that coral reef, makes gearing up and

World’s first baby born to 3 parents

Yes, you heard it correctly, 3 (THREE) parents!! and it is a BOY! World’s first baby born to 3 parents New Scientist revealed yesterday that a 5 month old baby boy was born using a new technique that incorporates DNA from three people.  This technique, which is widely controversial,