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7 Reasons to Love Lemon!

Did you know that lemon comes from an evergreen tree originally found in Asia?! Despite this fact, lemon has become a symbol of the Mediterranean warmth and sun. The Ancient Greeks used it to highlight their hair and the Ancient Egyptians used it to preserve their mummies.

Get Ready For Your Wedding in Just 7 Days!

YOUR wedding is coming in a week and you feel overwhelmed, unprepared, have tons of stuff to do and you don’t know where to start, DON’T WORRY!  We’ve got the perfect 7 days plan to make you look and feel amazing on your wedding day. Start by

Giving Your Hair A Pamper!

With countless hair care products available out there, ever wondered if you’re taking proper care of your hair, or if your current hefty-on-your-wallet shampoo is damaging your hair? Should you be using leave-in conditioner, serum, oil replacement products or not? With the hair industry expanding and launching

Keep your Hair Healthy with Natural Oils!

Summer or winter, we want beautiful healthy-looking hair regardless of the time of the year! Well, maybe women pay more attention to their hairs, but this shouldn’t mean the men wouldn’t care as much. For a long time, oils have been used for healthier, prettier hair. There

Makeup Tricks That Perfectly Work!

We all love makeup! But let’s face it, we are not all makeup artists, although we wish to come close to their skills. You don’t need to be a makeup artist to give yourself the runway look you want; there are many tips and simple makeup tricks that can

A New Year Asks For A New Haircut!

There’s something about entering a new year that makes us want to ring up our beauty salon and demand an appointment ASAP. After the countdown, the question that seems to be asked the most is: “What haircut will help me take on the new year looking flawless?” If

Is The Tangle Teeser Worth Buying?

With the rapid increase of chemical hair products we are feeding our hair with these days, tangles are a universal hair problem. People who are born with naturally thick and heavy hair- like myself – have to spend a lot of time managing their hair. This was

Winter Skin Doesn’t have to be Dry

It is no secret many that many women struggle with dry skin in the winter. It is quite typical in this season to find a lot of women searching for the perfect moisturizer or other ways to stop their elbows and heals cracking, skin flaking, and the imminent scratch

Hair Care During Winter!

Avoid Hair Damage This Winter Winter is officially here with its cold wind and rain. It’s about time to change how you take care of your hair with methods that are more fitting for this season. Here are some tips that will keep your hair healthy: 1-  Wearing a hat