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SAD in Winter?!

If you are feeling down at this time of year, don’t be so hard on yourself… It’s completely normal to sometimes feel sad or blue without an obvious reason, especially in winter. However, some people may suffer from a clinical seasonal depression known as SAD* that can

A Perfect Guide for Improving Relationships

Men are from Mars, Women are from venues; is basically a prescription for all who are struggling in their relationships by offering a simple psychological analysis of the nature of men and women which will facilitate dealing with the opposite sex. we mistakenly think that our partners

A life Changing speech

 “This is water” is a speech given by David Foster Wallace in Kenyon College. It covers the importance of adjusting our default settings, how to take conscious decisions and what to pay attention to. David foster begins his speech by narrating an anecdote about two small fish, who don’t know that

Must-See Diving Sites in Dahab

Sinai is one of god’s heavens on Earth and its red sea contains a coral reef so stunning it will capture your imagination and soul! Dahab, the magical town located in front of some of the most beautiful spots of that coral reef, makes gearing up and

How to Move to Dahab!

A single visit to Dahab is enough to get anyone hooked to the magical town! “I want to move here” are the words said by most non-Bedouin residents in this little heaven following their first brief stay, myself included. So here are my two cents on how

Top 4 Vacation Activities in Sinai

Are you about to visit Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh or any place in Sinai? Then this is for you! We believe you deserve an awesome trip, so we tested the activities you can do there ourselves to make a list of the best ones to try! Windsurfing &

Your brief guide to Freediving in Egypt

Did you ever try to hold your breath and push your body down in a pool and as you neared the bottom your felt the pressure of water on your ears? Most pools have a depth of 2-3 meters, allowing your middle ears to reach the point

Scuba diving in Dahab: The Why and the How!

Dahab – the why Dahab, this little town just an hour’s drive north of Sharm El Sheikh has gained a lot of popularity over the past two years for its grace, beauty and alternativeness. The warm crystal-clear sea water of this town attracted sportsmen and explorers from

10 ways positive people separate themselves from negative energy

“Change the way you see things and the things you see will change” Wayne Dyer   In today’s world, we are experiencing more uncertain and troubling times than ever before. Here are 10 simple yet foolproof habits positive people have adopted to maintain their positive spirits in