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Breakfast has never been this EASY!

This is why we brought you these 6 time-saving and easy breakfast ideas to give your body the kick-start it needs. These recipes will take up just 10 minutes, and will leave you feeling satisfied yet energized. … We assure you those recipes will look and taste

Blood Type diet … Is it worth it?!

Have you ever tried so many diet regimes, yet had no results at the end of the week? Have you ever heard of the blood type diet though? Let us dive deep about that type of diet and how it may be affecting all your diet decisions…

Nutrition for Teenagers

Rapid Growth and Development During adolescence young boys and girls grow and develop at a rapid speed. During the early years (12-15 years old) , a number of physiological, physical and behavioral changes take place.  Teenagers nutrition require an increased amount of nutrients for these changes. They should eat a

Healthy “Egyptian Fattah” Recipe

Happy Eid Everybody! This Eid is all about “Fatteh we La7ama”! Our Egyptian FATTEH is so yummy but might not be healthy enough so today we’ve bring you a healthy and really delicious authentic FATTEH recipe. Try it and you would love it! Ingredients Rich Bake Brown

3 reasons to love FLAX SEED OIL!

There has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of flax seed oil but many people don’t know exactly what it is and what it specifically does, so we decided to give it a try! We bought it from Health Harvest Store for EGP 70,  and

Bisara (crushed fava beans) recipe in 7 steps

For those following a plant based, a vegan diet, or simply looking for a healthy local choice, Bisara (crushed fava beans purée cooked with Egyptian herbs and served with caramelised onions) is a perfectly nutritious, aromatic and colourful meal. Here is the recipe for you! Prep time:

Ancient Super Food – Figs

Fabulous Figs  We’ve all heard the buzz about flax seeds, chia seeds and kale – in fact, every month, there seems to be a new super food that everyone’s talking about. But did you know there’s a super food closer to home that’s cheap, nutrient-dense and very,

7 Reasons to Love Lemon!

Did you know that lemon comes from an evergreen tree originally found in Asia?! Despite this fact, lemon has become a symbol of the Mediterranean warmth and sun. The Ancient Greeks used it to highlight their hair and the Ancient Egyptians used it to preserve their mummies.

8 Health Benefits of Egyptian Guava

Home grown Egyptian Guava is cheap, available and loaded with nutrients! What is it to eat baladi Guava than to encourage local produce? Here are 8 health benefits of Egyptian Guava you didn’t know! Did you know that Guava is termed as a “Super Food” for it