Few days are separating us from Ramadan! With its great spiritual feeling, Ramadan is a great opportunity to connect with God, reconnect with our souls as well as gather with our family and friends. One problem, though, is that Ramadan’s gatherings almost always involve A LOT OF unhealthy food and desserts.

For some, weight loss in Ramadan is not only a challenge, but just quite impossible! Well, not anymore. We conducted some research to help you find the best eating plan; that is convenient, easy to follow, and won’t deprive you from your favorite oriental desserts. We came across Bloom Diet Experts who are introducing the first online personalized nutrition program in Egypt tweaked to the Egyptian and oriental food we usually eat in Ramadan. Providing you with the same privileges of the clinic one-to-one visits, Bloom diet experts promise to give you a comprehensive program that extends expert support in every step throughout the process.

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The Bloom Ramadan Transformation program is promising to offer:

  • Weekly customized meal plans that fit your body metabolism, match your food preferences and your body type.
  • A weekly follow up call from a qualified medical doctors to discuss your progress
  • Detailed body composition analysis using one of the most advanced body analysis machines at the beginning of the program and at program completion
  • Round-the-clock communication with your nutritionist through instant messaging
  • A healthy oriental recipe book, in Arabic, approved by our expert nutritionists so you can enjoy all the Ramadan foods you love without the extra calories.
  • Handouts and bonuses materials in both Arabic and English on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan and how to enjoy eating with friends and family without putting on added weight.
  • Simple and convenient workout routines you can do anywhere.

Bloom Diet has been providing their clinical nutritional services at InShape Clinic – one of the most reputable health clinics in Egypt – since 1996. You can sign up to the online program at: http://bloom.jumpsuite.io/store/product/ramadan-transformation




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