Address: El Tagammoa El Khames : Cairo Festival City Mall

Telephone: 0226169222


With the spread of junk food and unhealthy food in general, a healthy yet delicious snack or drink is always a plus! Today we have found the perfect place for you! It’s LYCHEE FRUIT BAR! Who doesn’t love a healthy refreshing booster on a shopping spree with the pals! At first, Lychee gained its reputation through its Zamalek branch, shortly after, it spread to Gezira Club, Kattameya Heights, Sa7el: in Diplo and Marrasi. After its success, its latest addition has opened up in Cairo Festival City Mall right next to NOLA Cup Cakes (We all love Nola, but try not to get too tempted and stick to your healthy diet plan!) We will now tell you all about it! The Lychee store is quite small, with only one table inside, it’s more of a ‘Grab and Go’ store!  However, the design and colors of the store are quite unique and visually appealing. 1 (1) Moving on to their products, they have some snacks ready for you including granola yogurt, fruit parfait, sliced pineapples and watermelon. We tried the pineapples and the parfait and we admit they were absolutely delicious, the packaging is properly sealed indicating a high level of hygiene. You don’t get to do your OWN mix just about anywhere, here we loved the fact that we could. We went for berry mixes, peach mixes and even coconut mixes. What is great about Lychee is that their menu has the calorie intake of everything listed. There are cleansers as well and detox drinks, however, you have to order them a day earlier. The prices of the snacks and drinks are quite reasonable (20-25 LE) given the variety and quality in return. They also have a range of sandwiches and fresh salads. The Staff are very welcoming as well. Long story short, Lychee is now an everyday stop for us, a must-try for everyone nearby.



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