A lot of people don’t recognize Migraine as a chronic disease, others mistake it for common headaches, and some people don’t realize that in fact what they suffer from are Migraine attacks. This disease could be tricky and misdiagnosed because it can be shadowed as another disease with the same common symptoms. First step on managing this chronic disease is to learn everything about it, and related to it.

Blame your brain 

Visual hallucinations of Migraine aura

The real question is, what is migraine? For those who are not familiar with this term, it’s caused by changes in the brain chemicals (Serotonin) and it is described as pulsating pain on the left side of the brain. Usually the patient experience seeing some visuals, which is called Aura and it means flashing lights, as well as nausea or vomiting. As many other diseases migraine has other types and they are, Common, Classic, Ocular, Basilar and the list goes on. Each of these types has different symptoms than the other. Based on recent statistics migraine is most likely to be experienced by women due to their hormones.


Woman suffering from migraine
Woman suffering from migraine

Every migraine patient has their own triggers that will set off an attack, but some are common among all the patients based on some research and studies. Food can play an important role in whether the patient should experience another attack or not, one of the main reasons why some food can trigger an attack, is due to a substance called Tyramine. Any food that contains this substance will most likely put the patient in a risk of another attack. However that doesn’t only stop at food, there are some habits that a person might do as their daily routine that is considered a trigger like smoking, hormones, sleeping disorder, weather, stress…etc.


Unfortunately this disease doesn’t have a cure, but it is manageable, with the right lifestyle the patient can be migraine free for a big portion of his life, all they have to do is maintain a good diet and practice the right exercises, which help relieving their pain, and decrease the rate of the attacks.


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