Haven’t we all wished there was a women’s gym with ultimate machines, some spoiling and even different classes to attend! Yes, there was always a demand for a full women’s fitness center in Egypt, and many talked about how Hers seemingly satisfied that demand, it is also a Samia Allouba family member, so it has a quite good reputation.

We decided to go for a one-day trail worth 100 EGP and let you know what we thought! Firstly, as we entered the Gym, the staff seemed very friendly, however, there was a zumba class taking place and everyone was queuing so they can sign up, yes, the class only takes 24 people! Of course, we weren’t able to attend the class. It was a bit disappointing. There was another class, ‘BodyCombat’, and it had a few free spots, so we tried that.
The class was a form of Marshall arts, although the trainer was excellent, we didn’t feel it was what we wanted to attend. So we sneaked out and went to the sauna room, hygiene is a must at Hers gym, we were instructed to shower before going into the sauna! And after the sauna we enjoyed some refreshment in the steam room! Then we decided to splash in the jaccuzi. Again, we were instructed to shower before entering the jaccuzi we loved the cleanliness the place abides by!

After the jaccuzi we wanted to try out the juice bar! They handed us fresh towels. We went to try the ‘Raw Republic’ juice bar after that, we loved their menu, they had everything that is healthy and delicious!What is unique about Hers is that it has everything involving beauty and fitness at one place; they even have nail fashion so you can enjoy a pampering! However, we must say the gym is not that spacious, especially at peak times this is a negative trait many face and of course parking is an issue as well! It is overpriced; full memberships range from, 4200LE for a year, with three months freezing, three personal training sessions and one nutritional assessment. Short term memberships, meanwhile, are offered at six months (2700LE), three months (1650LE) and one month (800LE).

The environment at the gym is very inspiring though, with motivational quotes everywhere, loud music, happy faces and spoiling facilities, so if this matter to you, this is your gym!



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