A single visit to Dahab is enough to get anyone hooked to the magical town! “I want to move here” are the words said by most non-Bedouin residents in this little heaven following their first brief stay, myself included. So here are my two cents on how you could move and live permanently in any small town, including Dahab!


  • Be brave. The closer you get to moving out of the big city the more nervous you’ll get. It’s only natural so don’t let it stop you. You’re heading to the unknown which can be scary but I assure you that the unknown is pretty freaking awesome! Once you cross that line of worry and fear you’ll quickly be embraced by the warmth of new experiences and eye-opening discoveries!

  • Work online! Leaving the city doesn’t mean throwing your career into the dumpster! Wither you’re a programmer, a writer, a designer or generally work with/on computers, someone somewhere will want to hire you remotely if you got the right set of skills. Small towns are relaxing and beautiful but they rarely offer a proper job opportunities or income for newcomers.


  • Pay for experience, not objects. Leave the materialistic mentality behind and don’t go renting the fanciest house you can find or spend too much buying accessories you’ll never actually use. When you’re surrounded by mountains, sea and open skies you’ll spend very little time home so you just need a place that’s comfortable and practical. Explore the activities available to you instead and find your true passion!


  • Into a sport? Become a professional! Even though you could maintain the same career you had in the big city, doing the activity you love AND getting paid for it doesn’t sound bad at all! Many of those who move here end up as scuba dive masters, freediving instructors or professional kite surfers! Once you move, invest in yourself and it will definitely pay back.
  • Embrace the change. Moving to a place like Dahab is life-changing experience so don’t look back and don’t glue yourself to the past. You’re not moving out to find the same experiences you had back there so open yourself up to new adventures, new people and be an ever-growing soul.


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