Address: 28 Sharaa villas, El Mosher Ahmed Ismail St., Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: 011-000-560-17(8)

They had us at hello with their slogan, ‘The science of being in shape’…ladies and gentlemen our review today is about FITIOLOGY (Instagram: @fitiology)!

Located at the heart of Heliopolis, Fitiology is very cozy, full of good vibes and definitely loads of determination. As we entered, we were escorted to the training arena to attend the T25 class, we were told this is meant to be an entry level class!

What we loved about the class was that we didn’t feel out of place, everyone motivated us to push our limits to the maximum and do our best! There was a trainer and an assistant as well to help those who lost track. The whole class with the stretching and all took us about 40 mins.We felt drained after the class (yes, we are that UNFIT). We do question the entry level bit!

Now let us unveil how Fitiology started! Well, a while ago a determined young man named Loay El-Sergany (Founder) lost about 20 KG on his own and decided to help others follow his footsteps by inspiring them and sharing with them the reasons behind his weight loss success. After staying in the fitness industry for 3 yrs and being a certified fitness trainer, Loay knew it was time to have his own business. It was time for Fitiology!


Loay wanted Fitiology to boom, and that is when Kareem Maher (Marketing Director) came in to spread the Fitiology motto, ‘Saving people’s time and helping them get fit’. This is pretty much what makes Fitiology different than any other fitness entity.

Another thing that makes Fitiology stand out is the fact that you take a placement exam to know what fitness program you should take. For instance T25 is a beginners’ class, Insanity is an advanced class, etc.

One thing Fitiology is keen about is helping others love their bodies, and never giving up. The trainers at Fitiology and the whole Fitiology team believe members are teammates and not just customers, they will do anything to get them on the right track.

General Manager, Rania Samy, was just a member at Fitiology a year ago, and she told us about how she loved exercising because of Fitiology, she felt this is what makes her happy, and later on, they chose her as a general manager. Rania told us about her Fitiology experience, trying to have fitness camps and events every once in a while to motivate people and inspire them.

Long story short, if you are looking for a place where you will feel right at home and still have fun and get fit, Fitiology is the place for you. If you feel you can never lose weight, no one will help you better than those who were in your shoes!


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