Salad bars are stretching all over Cairo and Sahel this season! One of the popular Zamalek spots is inSeason, it’s located in Ismail Mohamed St., perpendicular to Abu Al Feda, which means parking is almost impossible. If you live in Zamalek, then it would be wise to enjoy the walk.  Tel: 19689

The Venue – The place is wide, white and noticeably sterile. The salad bar hides behind a glass fence and looks divine. The seating area is not that large, but good to accommodate you and a couple of your friends if the place is not crowded.


The Menu – Although the menu is a bit too much for a salad bar, but it has nutritional facts on all ingredients, e.g. if it’s low carb, gluten free, high on protein, calorie intake and other nutritional information and gives you a variety of creative salad choices, or you can make your own. We were a bit lost by the menu, so we decided to make our own salad.


The Salads – Like a child in a candy store we were picking all and everything we can to fill the gigantic bowl of salad. We ended up choosing Pasta and lettuce for the base, for the veggies; mushroom asparagus, red and yellow peppers, for protein; grilled chicken and for the topping; pine nuts and bread crumbs, finally the dressing; low fat Caesar sauce which is placed separately and served with a slice of brown baguette. It was such an enjoyable meal, with the rich, fresh and delicious ingredients. Going through half of the salad and we were more than full.

The Staff – As soon as we got in, the manager of the place greeted us, and he immediately handed us the menu to make our choices, and he also offered his help to explain the items on the menu. The chef preparing our salads was really nice and helpful.


Specialties – InSeason is famous for its cold pressed juices and Greek yoghurt parfaits. They have a variety of choices; we tried the Crunch Zone, which is low fat vanilla Greek yoghurt, seasonal fresh fruits, honey and crunchy granola and Skinny Quinoa; low fat vanilla Greek yoghurt, quinoa, cinnamon, apples and walnuts. They were tasty, the fruits were very fresh and delicious, they are also super healthy, especially the skinny quinoa. Their cold pressers are a bit harsh to those who are not used to raw ingredients, but they are also one of the healthiest juices. We tried the liver scrubber; apple, beet, carrot, lemon and ginger, we also tried the fountain of youth; carrot, apple, lemon and ginger.


Quality and Prices – The quality is quiet good, the food is fresh and it’s gourmet, which might explain the really high prices. A bowl of salad can range between 58-63 LE, the Parfaits are for 18-35 LE, the cold pressed juices range for 25-40 LE and for their BYO (Build your own) Salad it’s 38 LE, they charge extra for any additions.

Despite the backless seating area, we enjoyed being healthy at inSeason; we stuck our happy noses in that salad ball, munching on all the delicious ingredients.


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