Kcal Egypt: Fast Food Made Healthy!

Hotline: 19718

Address: Tagamo3, Mall 106


We all want to lead a healthier lifestyle, without compromising on taste or variety of choices.Getting healthy is not only about weight loss, it makes us feel good and look good.

Ordering healthy choices in restaurants involves a long wait, Kcal comes with a different concept of healthy ‘Fast-Food’. Kcal’s approach is that “What you eat determines the quality of your life. Quality in, quality out.” Nice! Let’s give it a try.

We ordered Kcal in the office, tried the chicken burger (276 calories) for 40 LE alongside sweet potatoes. (Including tax and delivery charges)


As we suspected, each ingredient was fresh and chilled, while the chicken burger remained moist and perfectly cooked, the sweet potatoes added just the right sweet aftertaste! However, the food has a somewhat an acquired taste that only certain people would appreciate. It doesn’t taste like a burger you would get from your old time favorite burger eatery. However, it is much lower in calories and much higher in nutrients, certainly, worth the try.

We gave our office junkie a bite to see what she thinks, to her if food is not rich and buttery enough it is not worth eating! She thought the portions were very disappointing and hence not filling! She thought they could do with  variety of menu options especially the desserts section, Oh to her, it was as a tad overpriced.

Kcal is all about the acquired taste, once you get used to it, you might not be satisfied otherwise. We say you should judge for yourself and give it a go, if you are looking for healthy, low calorie, and high nutritious meal. If you are a food junkie.. well ..read our office junkie review above!


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