Meet  24-year old Egyptian Soprano Fatma Said (@fatmasaid) the winner of this year’s Veronica Dunne International Singing Competition in Dublin. Fatma attended the German School in Cairo and pursued her singing career with Neveen Allouba (nallouba) for 5 years, before moving to Germany to study at the Eisler Hanns’ music school in Berlin.Fatma is one of only 10 talented young people to receive a scholarship to study song at the prestigious music academy La Scala Academy in Italy.

Fatma performed frevently in June 2011 at TEDx Cairo

Speaking after her win on stage “”I can’t remember a time when I fell in love with singing. I always loved singing and I always loved music, particularly music, because I came to love opera at a later stage of my life. I must say that being at a German school in Cairo helped me a lot to develop a taste of classical music.”

French writer  Anne Edelstam wrote about Fatma’s performance back in  September 2014 “This young woman’s transformation on stage was quite spectacular: from a normal girl her age (23 years old), she twinkled like a star, with a voice as clear as crystal but as strong as that of a fully-fledged soprano’s despite her tiny features. Her mimics went from comic to tragic, from sorrow to happiness and from flirtatious to profound love with an incredible ease, as if she had already experienced all those emotions despite her young age.”


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