Finding your passion is tricky and not everyone is blessed with finding it. Those who do tend to hold on tight to it and they build their dreams accordingly, but what happens when your forced to stray away from your passion? Do you lose hope and give up on your dreams or do you fight through to make it happen?

Nader Rophail, a 23 years old Egyptian swimmer, fell in love with swimming at a young age. He was used to participating in competitions and going to practice everyday for 19 years with the same people and at the same place. Swimming was his passion and to him, it was what life was all about. Little did he know that fate had something else planned for him.

Five years ago, Rophail was forced to leave his home and the life he was used to and move to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This meant that his nineteen years’ worth of competitive

swimming had to come to a sudden end, which left him devastated as this

intense sport was his entire life. For many, this may mean giving up, but Rophail it did not.


He used his devastation and turned it into positive energy and insisted on making his dream come true. He believed
in his talent and was determined not to let it go to waste. This was when the idea of coaching came to mind. This route seemed perfect for his enthusiastic, loud, and quirky personality as he could easily connect with his swimmers not only as a coach but as a friend as well. He was always interested in teaching and with coaching he would be combining his passion for swimming with his love for teaching.


Rophail took initiative by reaching out to family and friends and by coaching children in their neighborhoods. Over time, with the positive feedback and referrals from his students and their parents, he gained more confidence in this new path. People from different neighborhoods in the UAE got to know more about him and his swimming services. Nader Rophail has been a SwimAmerica and First Aid certified, and a trusted swimming instructor for the past five years.

Rophail states that a big misconception in the Middle East is only a competitive sport, and not as a lifestyle. He has been trying to change this concept since he started coaching.


Rophail is an amazing example for those who want to turn their dreams into action. His next step is to open his own swimming academy and he says that he can see his vision come true very soon.



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