Ditch the gym and workout at home – NO equipment needed.

These 6 NO equipment exercises! can be done anytime and anywhere! Here you go!

1) Jumping Jacks: Those are simple exercises used primarily as cardiovascular training or warm-ups. Jumping jacks are easy to do, but it requires some coordination to perform them correctly.

2) Jumping Ropes: You don’t need ropes to jump them! Jumping ropes burns up to 10 calories a minute! So if you don’t have a rope, just pretend you do and it will work perfectly! All you need to do is jump and pretend you have a jumping rope in your hands!

3) Hip Raise: This exercise is perfect for toning your lower body and your hips as well! Here is how it is done. Fixate your hands on the floor, and go up for a second then go back down! Easy yet very effective!

4) Russian Twist: This exercise is great for taking away the belly fat and also stretching your back. Just use a water bottle and twist left and right!

5) Sit ups: We found you a more fun way to do your sit-ups. Use a water bottle and use it in a circular motion around your legs, this will motivate you to get your sit-ups done easier!

6) Plank: It is not as complicated as it sounds! Pretend you are going to do a push up, but bend your elbows and stay for a few seconds, you just did your plank!

It is not ‘going to the gym’ or be a ‘couch potato’, do those exercises at the comfort of your home or garden and ditch the gym if you want. For extra support, watch our video and all you need to do is copy it! Let us know what’s the exercise you enjoyed the most and which one challenged you?!

Here is the quick video:



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