On the occasion of winter arrival .. 5 drinks that make you feel warm

Winter has begun to knock the doors of the Egyptians to feel cold and turn to the cover and hot drinks to confront the cold temperature in Egypt during the winter, especially with the onset of rainfall in a number of provinces.

One of the indispensable essential winter drinks is Nescafe, tea and coffee. Of course, it contains caffeine, which helps to energize and replenish our energy, but we will not be able to drink large amounts. Caffeine that renews activity gives us attention and concentration for some time but it does not give energy to our bodies. We need energy, warmth and activity so that we can practice our daily work and enjoy it without feeling idle and lazy.

Get Healthy Cairo is reviewing distinct beverages that help warming the body during the winter:

Middle Eastern Sahlab

It is a drink that carries in Its contents a lot of hotness for a long time, drinking it helps keeping warmth significantly in the body.

Ginger with milk

Despite its hot taste, ginger is one of the best winter drinks to be consumed in order to obtain energy, warmth and quiet sleep in cold winters.

Hot chocolate drink

This drink has the advantage of adding some special flavors such as peanut butter. It’s one of the sweetest hot drinks suitable for winter weather.

Lemon and mint juice

Drinking warm lemon with green mint strengthens the immune system, and diuretic, and tonic for the liver, it’s disinfectant for the respiratory system and disinfectant for the intestines and gives the body warmth.

Cocoa Drink

Cocoa is special with its tasty and fatty taste, which satisfies the body’s needs to eat fatty foods but with fewer calories, especially if it is prepared with skimmed milk. So experts recommend eating a cup of cocoa with breakfast every day in the winter because of the energy and content of the rich taste of antioxidant flavanols.

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