Officercise! workout in your office!

It has been a hard day at work today; I watched 3 videos, surfed the internet for over an hour, jotted down my ideas on paper and had my lunch at my desk! I had been sitting down for 8 hours straight with my headphones on! It is not much of old-days hard, physical work,but nowadays we run out energy in no time! Do you know that long periods of sitting are linked to increased risk for diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

Here are some simple office exercises, stop your work, have a mental and physical break, and do them religiously everyday.

1-  Take the stairs! it will elevate your heart rate! alternate taking two steps at a time while listening to your favorite music.

2- Exercise Ball!  you just rest your back straight on the wall, sit on it with your legs at 90 degrees and hold it there for as long as you can. This is good for your abdominal muscles, for strengthening the quadriceps muscles and your gluteus muscles.  No slouching! Available at GoSports Egypt starting at EGP 255.




3- Stretch it!  Simply stand beside your desk, body straight and stretch each leg backwards in turn, this helps work the muscles on your thighs.


4- Water bottle lifting! while resting on your chair, lift your own water bottle or invest in your own dumbbells  – You can get a pair of dumbbells online at EGP 299 from Jumia or in store in most sport stores.







5- Chair squat! Support yourself with the back of your chair, and straighten your back, use the arms on your chair to lift yourself up, do this 5 times and hold for 10-20 seconds.

Chair Squat









6-  Walk up and down the corridor! Do it 5 times briskly every hour! it will help with your blood circulation as well as clear your stress and spark out some much-needed energy.



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