CairoRunners Egypt’s leading community running group, had us on our toes this weekend, as the log-awaited for Pyramids Run was called off hours before it was due to kick start  for ‘Security Reasons’ on Thu 8/10 around 8:00 pm in a Facebook update. (The run was planned for Fri 9/10 at 7:00 am) Much to the runners and the community’s absolute delight comes another Facebook update that the run WILL take place on Saturday 10/10 instead.

#PyramidsRun is on, #PyramidsRun is called off, #PyramidsRun is back on! Hurray, it finally happened and it was EPIC. The CairoRunners team pulled it all through and managed to have 2000+ runners enjoy the run of their lives.

Here is how Egyptians captured the moment on Instagram:

An early bird announcement by CairoRunners at 7:00 am – well just to confirm it is still ON!!

Preperations underway at our #PyramidsRun. Who’s joining us this AM?

A video posted by CairoRunners (@cairorunners) on”>

Sleek Setup!

Pyramids view. #cairo #cairorunners #pyramids #pyramidsrun #run #view

A video posted by Ahmed Shazly (@ahmadshazly) on

Wait, how many showed up?! 2000 and counting!

Let’s do this!!! #cairorunners #pyramidsrun

A photo posted by Omar Magdy Abdelbaky (@omarmagdyabdelbaky) on

Warm up!


A photo posted by T I J R (@nadatito) on

Pyramids, here we come!

WeRunPyramids #pyramidsrun #giza #wakilgawa #genggawa #cairorunners

A photo posted by Amir Zakaria (@amir.zakaria) on

Let the run begin!

Thirsty AF. #pyramidsrun #cairorunners

A photo posted by al hasan (@chubbivespa) on

4KM Done!

#cairorunners #PYRAMIDSRUN #we_run_cairo 4Km done again☺️

A photo posted by Fady Maged (@fadymaged10) on

It is my birthday!

#pyramidsrun with the #birthdaygirl @rokayadiya #17 #peugeotpyramidsrun #cairorunners

A photo posted by Mirhan Adham (@mirhanadham) on

Monkey-ing around the pyramids


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