Self-Development and Personality-Building

Self-development and personality-building is the development and acquisition of information, behavior or skills that make the individual feel good about him/herself, through the use of methods that help him/her to focus on his/her goals in life, working on achieving them, and processing it to deal with any obstacle affecting the development and the personality building.

Ways of self-development and personality building

Read a book on a daily basis in order to boost mental abilities and add new information.

Learn a new language in order to enhance self-confidence.

Exercise regularly; because the healthy body indicates healthy mind.

Attend scientific seminars and training courses.

Keep your house clean, especially where you sit most of the time.

Write things that are an obstacle against self-development on a paper, and get them solved individually.

Take care to wake up early and eat breakfast to provide your body with the needed energy for vital operations throughout the day.

Ask for help and opinions from those around to help you discover and resolve problems.

Stop the bad habits that hinder progress and development.

Avoid frustrating people, and choose optimistic friends who have positive personalities.

Practice intelligence games; they enhance thinking skills.

Remember the beautiful past and avoid negative thoughts and memories.

Take rest when you feel tired.

Realize reality, accept it, focus on self when there is no problem.

Have a sense of humor and avoid fossilized mindsets; because it indicates weak personality

Recognize the value of self, respect it, accept it with its disadvantages, and try to reform it.

Recognize the weaknesses and deficiencies of your personality, it indicates courage.

Be proud of your personality and its achievements and strive for other achievements.

Get armored by science and knowledge, which not intended to academic achievement only, but the search for knowledge and culture anywhere.

Organize time by setting a logical schedule that includes all the work and achievements you ask on a daily basis, and accomplish it without wasting time.

Create social relations based on friendliness, respect and love of others.

Avoid negative and frustrating phrases, such as: I am unsuccessful, and replace them with more positive and encouraging phrases such as: I will succeed.

Care of external appearance and personal hygiene.

Be patient because change and development need time and hard work.

Learn the art of public speaking in order to build character, the ability to speak to people without hesitation or fear, and thus communicate better with others.

Be strong and enduring in difficult situations, because rapid anger is a weak personality indicator.

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