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Ramadan 2017 Ads Are Spreading Hope and Joy!

Ramadan is coming to an end and after watching plenty of ads and using social media every single day we were able to clearly tell which ads made it to our hearts and surprisingly they were the 57357, 500 500 and Magdy Yaqoub! These ads are asking

Egypt Wins The 2017 African Fencing Championship!

Egypt excels as usual! Egyptian athletes are known to strive and excel in all championships. Fencing is one of the very few sports that are discussed among the Egyptian media which is a shame as our champs are raising our heads up high. The latest African championship

Breakfast has never been this EASY!

This is why we brought you these 6 time-saving and easy breakfast ideas to give your body the kick-start it needs. These recipes will take up just 10 minutes, and will leave you feeling satisfied yet energized. … We assure you those recipes will look and taste

Get Ready To Break A Sweat In Cairo Runners Half Marathon!

Running alone is one thing and running with a full squad is another thing! This is exactly what Cairo Runners half marathon is about. They want every single person, fit or not that fit to get up and try to break a sweat! Thanks to Cairo Runners,

Top 5 Gyms In Maadi

Finding the right gym is a lot like finding a new restaurant. You will need to go around asking people and eventually try it out! However, finding your right gym is not an easy choice. The gym you commit to must go along with your personality, motivates you to

6 Tips To Prevent Seasonal Flu

The Flu Season It’s time for the dreaded scene of red noses and the flowing river of tissue papers! If flu tagged you, expect co-workers and family to be avoiding your contact and the contact of things you touch for a number of days since no one wants

4 ways to drink up more water!

Many people don’t really have a taste for water, no matter how hard you try to sound like a personal trainer, most people don’t have a thing for it!  Here are 4 ways to drink up more water 1) Go Fruity! Add your favorite chopped up fruit;

NO equipment exercises!

Ditch the gym and workout at home – NO equipment needed. These 6 NO equipment exercises! can be done anytime and anywhere! Here you go! 1) Jumping Jacks: Those are simple exercises used primarily as cardiovascular training or warm-ups. Jumping jacks are easy to do, but it

Kriss Beauty Salon Review!

Address: 1st floor, 22 Baghdad St, Heliopolis,El korba, Cairo Phone: 0100 115 1360 Hours: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm Every woman needs some pampering from time to time, no matter how tough we try to act sometimes, when we fall apart…a trip to the salon can surely