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The MOST Effective Fat Burning Workout

If you, like most of us, don’t enjoy nor have the time to spend 60 minutes a day doing long boring workouts in the...

Quinoa For Weight Loss!

Quinoa is now being promoted as a fat-burning food. This super food has all essential amino acids your body needs, is filled with fiber,...

4 Ways to Lose Fat & Build Muscles

Have you started working on your killer abs for your summer body yet? Have the holidays added a few kilos on your hips that...

Reasons To Consider Strength Training

Strength Training For A Healthier You Despite its health benefits, strength training tends to have a bad reputation of being a "man-only" sport. Regardless of your...

Considering CrossFit?

Are you considering CrossFit? In the previous article Into The CrossFit World, we briefly discussed the CrossFit method and how it differs from Boot camps....