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Ramadan Fitness Competition: Ready To Hustle?

Attention crossFitters out there! CrossFit Hustle and In The Zone have joined forces to bring to you: The Ramadan Fitness Competition. The competition invites all crossFitters out there to join and compete and win prizes. The tournament will feature two main divisions: Elite, and Scaled. Teams participating

Paleo Diet to Gluten Free: Truth and Myth

Being healthy is a main concern for us, and in the last few years health and fitness have started occupying a large space in our day-to-day lives. Some of us have tried everything from new exercise routines to all kinds of diet in an effort to stay

Get Ready To Break A Sweat In Cairo Runners Half Marathon!

Running alone is one thing and running with a full squad is another thing! This is exactly what Cairo Runners half marathon is about. They want every single person, fit or not that fit to get up and try to break a sweat! Thanks to Cairo Runners,

Micronutrients: All You Need to Know

If you’re trying to stay fit, lose or gain weight, or build muscle, you have probably heard a lot of tips and advice on what you should eat. Mostly these advice are about your calories or protein intake. Macronutrients –carbs, protein and fat- have a huge effect

Gym Etiquette 101

If you’re a regular gym person then you must have spent sometime around the machines to know there are certain unspoken rules for the gym. If you’re a gym newbie, you probably don’t! The gym is a very tricky place where privacy can be a very unclear

CrossFit Stars Opens In Mountain View!

The first CrossFit box to open up in Egypt was CrossFit Stars. Who is the person behind this box? The answer is Ramy Salah, the ex- professional tennis player and also known as “The godfather of CrossFit in Egypt”. Ramy opened up the well know CrossFit affiliate “CrossFit Stars”

5 Struggles People Who Workout Every day Will Relate To!

Working out is one of the best things you can do for your body and overall health, but for some, it can turn into an obsession. Here are 5 things you will surely experience if you are a workout obsessed freak. 1) Your friends will start to

CrossFit RHEA Review

Location: Beverly Hills compound, “The Walk” Mall, Building 10, Sheikh Zayed Phone: 01207343215 Facebook: CrossFit has gained popularity over the past few years. Everyone is lifting, and talking about how CrossFit transformed their lives and bodies. Let’s say you’re interested in joining a CrossFit box but you don’t know what

5 Machines To Avoid At The Gym

 To beginners, a gym can look like an overwhelming sea of torture devices. It’s easy to lose focus on your workout due to the lack of understanding or the poor choice of equipment. As a general rule, free weight or free standing exercises work more muscle groups and don’t