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Eat More Fat to Lose Fat

Shedding away any extra weight you have through different diets almost always share the main characteristic of consuming the lowest possible amounts of fat so the idea of eating more fat to lose weight is understandably puzzling! Yet our bodies have beneficial uses for fat including promoting

The New Wave of Veganism

There are so many diets and regimes out there in our society that we are all pretty much aware of what a diet consists of by just hearing its name. But, all of a sudden there seems to be a new trend where people are suddenly going

The Truth About Soda Drinks

We have grown into the habit of always ordering or buying soda – whether diet or regular. We guzzle those drinks down with almost every meal and sometimes in the middle of the day as “refreshers”. They taste great and give us a surge of energy; but

Gym Etiquette 101

If you’re a regular gym person then you must have spent sometime around the machines to know there are certain unspoken rules for the gym. If you’re a gym newbie, you probably don’t! The gym is a very tricky place where privacy can be a very unclear

Insulin & Its Effect On Belly Fat

A lot of Egyptians suffer from belly fat – men and women alike. People go on strict diets, perform 100’s of crunches everyday but when it comes to middle-section fat, the answer lies in your “insulin” levels.  Understanding Insulin’s Role: Insulin is a hormone made in the

Foods To Avoid When You Have A Cold!

What is worse that sneezing, coughing, and having that ‘can’t move a muscle feeling’ ? Colds suck, but making them worse shouldn’t be an option. Here are foods that could actually make it a whole lot worse! 1)Sugary Foods :  We all love sugar, but when having a

8 Anti-Cancer Foods

Proper nutrition is a central strategy you can use to reduce your risk of cancer. Researches have shown that certain foods can fight cancer. Look no further than your refrigerator, remove all the unhealthy food you have and make sure that your next visit to the supermarket

Eat Up, Slim Down

A calorie is a calorie—except when you’re trying to lose weight. The foods you choose to eat can help you shed the extra pounds or break your whole diet!  Luckily, some foods can help you lose the weight by keeping you full longer and increasing your metabolism so you

6 Types Of People You Will Meet At The Gym!

There are strange types of people we stumble upon in our lives, here are 6 types of people you are likely to encounter when you take a trip to the gym. 1) The Makeup freak!  More makeup than you’d wear on your wedding day! A Ponytail is