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Foods You Should Eat This Winter

Although winter does not bring as much a variety of fruits and vegetables as summer; some winter foods can surprise you with a bunch of magnificent benefits. Today we get you starting with a few of these winter foods that you should include in your diet this season.

Winter Skin Doesn’t have to be Dry

It is no secret many that many women struggle with dry skin in the winter. It is quite typical in this season to find a lot of women searching for the perfect moisturizer or other ways to stop their elbows and heals cracking, skin flaking, and the imminent scratch

4 Hot Drinks To Warm You Up This Winter.

It’s cold. You need something hot, right? We listed down 4 delicious winter hot drinks recipes to help with your digestion, boost your immunity, and most importantly, keep you toasty. 4 Essential Hot Drinks For This Winter:  1) Cinnamon Coffee Upgrade your morning coffee with this cinnamon-spiced hot drink recipe.

Beat the winter blues!

Feeling down, depressed or lacking ambition these days? You aren’t alone. This cold winter weather can make you downright sad. According to Medical News Today, winter blues is due to the lack of sunlight that reduces the amount of serotonin we produce – which is a hormone that

It’s raining…. Time for Soup!

Try the crushed fava beans (Foul Magroush) soup, a 100% Egyptian with a healthy twist.  Ingredients – ¼ Kg crushed fava beans (Foul Magroush) – 2 Onions – Bay leaf – 1 Bunch celery, the white part – Olive oil – 2 Cups chicken or meat broth