For some of us, time management properly seems as such a far-fetched mission that need no less than a Jedi mathematician to be successfully achieved. Plans are often dropped and projects are left behind because we simply feel there is no time for them.

Tips For Effective Time Management: 

I personally do not believe in such a thing as “there’s no enough time”. The actual question is not how much free time you have, but rather how much time you waste. By employing simple tips and tricks everyone can have a better use of their time:

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Urgent, should & must-do matters:  These three seem endless in our modern lives. Try to get tasks done one after another depending on their importance. Make sure the level of importance is the main driver for what you do, not the level of urgency.

Learn to say NO:  Another never-ending task in our lives is keeping social contact. Friends, outings, and social gatherings can drain us dry of time. You need to have a very solid and exact limit for how much time you spend on the social side of your life.

The social networks mania:  A minute spent with every notification you get throughout the day accumulates to hours of mostly wasted time. Not only this, but it’s one of the worst types of wasted time as it is spread all over your day, and effectively distracting. Don’t allow social media to consume you. Turn off your notifications!

Focus on tasks’ nature not number: You can go around hectically doing tens of tasks in your day, exhausting your brain and body in the process without finishing any of them. It is more efficient to allow yourself a maximum of 3 well-done tasks per day.

Follow these simple tips and see how others would see you as brilliant time-managing Jedi mathematician!


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