No one can deny how great it feels in a happy healthy relationship; however, we probably all hate to admit how hard it is to have one of these! A great relationship shouldn’t require an extraordinary amount of effort, but it shouldn’t be a piece of cake either – I mean it would be lovely if it can be a piece of cake but let’s be a bit realistic here…


Don’t freak out just yet! A healthy happy relation is not an impossible dream, it is actually quite attainable. You just need to make sure some elements are present in your relationship that would help keep it on the right track;

Here Are A Few Things You Need To Pay Attention To:

Communicate Effectively:

It should go without saying that a couple need to be able to communicate properly. You should be able to easily express your feeling and opinions to your partner without the fear of being misunderstood or judged; and to listen to them without such judgments either. Effective communication would also make it much easier for both you and your partner when issues or differences arise. An effective way of expressing yourself can take you a long way when it comes to getting your thoughts across or dealing with misunderstandings and differences.

Trust Your Partner:

In any relationship trust is a key element; it’s the rock holding your relationship together. But trust doesn’t just happen, it is built and it takes effort and time. To have the trust you need to stay honest, straightforward, clear in your communication with your partner; don’t shy away from your mistakes, and remember that trust is to be earned. 


Give Them Space:

You might want to spend all the time with your beloved significant other. Well, resist that urge! It is definitely good to spend time together and share experiences and all, but you need your own space – and so does your partner. Make sure to have friends that you can have some ‘you-time’ with.

Allow yourselves to get a hobby or something else that does not include your partner. Let them have a ladies’/men’s night out with friends, watch a football game or just some time on their own. This should strengthen your relation and allow you to keep a separate sense of identity apart from your partner.


Do Not Wait For Them To Change: 

Ok, people do change, but not just when we want them to or how we want them to. Accept your partner the way they are. If there’s something you don’t like in their personality, don’t try to change it, and don’t wait for it to change. Try to make your peace with it instead.

They will notice the effort you’re putting in and become a bit conscious of the habits that might be getting to you. They might even start doing it on their own and spare you both a potential fight.



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