Things to avoid doing in Ramadan!


Apart from the usual things to avoid, like fried food, too much sugar, desserts and excessive caffeine, there are some Ramadan habits that will negatively affect your body.
1) Skipping sohoor – Skipping sohoor is never a good idea, it will keep you out of energy. Waking up for suhoor and eating enough will give you fuel for the first half of the day.

2) Eat the right combination of food, don’t rely on too much carbohydrates and sugar. This also keeps dehydration, bad breath and digestive issues to the minimum. Eating the right combination of foods will help you get nutrients needed as well as keep you healthy for the day.

3) Relying on too many fruit, fruit juices, bread and processed breakfast cereals leads to a dip in sugar levels really quickly, leading to massive sugar cravings and hunger pangs around mid-afternoon.

4) Drinking caffeine excessively as well as tea and energy drinks will only further dehydrate the body. The best thing is to drink water, but not too much water as well. A balance is always the best option.

5) After the fasting is over, it is never health to gulp in large amounts of food. Eating slowly and reasonably is the best way to avoid weight gain and even stomach aces.


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