We all love books that relate to us somehow, we look for something and when we find it in a book…. It makes our day! Today we will review a book that inspired millions around the world, a book by the author Mandy Hale, ‘The Single Woman”.

We all had days where we felt we miss the feeling of being “Loved”, However, sometimes we forget our worth along this long journey of finding what we call “The one”. Mandy Hale bursts your bubble the nice way and tells you that love doesn’t have to come from a male figure, and that there is much more to life than sitting there waiting for Mr Right to sweep you off your feet!

When did someone decide it takes “putting a ring on it” to give a woman value and worth? A line from her book that had more than 2,000 people sharing it on their social media accounts!

The best-selling New York Times author is affectionately known around the world as an inspiration for single women to live their best lives and to never, ever settle. She gets to the core of the matter while remains witty and sharp at the same time!

“Love isn’t possession, it isn’t codependency, it isn’t jealousy, and it isn’t neediness or clinginess. It is not meant to complete you, but to complement you.” Another amazing quote from her book that gets to you. A good author is one who reaches her reader, Hale is surely one talented lady.

I was always a fan of self-help books, and this one is definitely a great addition to every woman. This book will help you find yourself and your worth. The sad news is, it is not sold in Egypt yet! You can buy it from amazon as a hard-cover book for 12$ or buy it as a kindle version for 9$. It is worth the read!

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