Just like anything in the world changes, our bodies do change from time to time. There are so many weight loss products nowadays, however, we were looking for natural healthy products and stumbled into the Imtenan Health Store and therefore, we decided to give their products a try!

As soon as you enter the store a specialist, in a white lab coat, is there to help you out and inform you about the products. The weight loss products could be brought separately, but there is a range of products you are advised to try together to achieve the best results.

Let’s start with their star product, ‘Chitolite’, this is the ingredient used in most weight loss pills, the only difference is that this one is natural with no artificial additions! You are advised to take a quarter of a spoon of Chitolite and add it to a large glass of water, mix it very well and drink it half an hour before your main meals. It promises to fill you up and burn excess fats, and in fact I experienced this personally after a few days. To be honest, it doesn’t taste all that good (to be polite!), so you can add it to your favorite juice, if this is more appealing to your taste buds! It’s price is 165 EGP.

Moving on to herbal teas, they consist of 3 drinks. Firstly, green tea. Imtenan’s green tea is a mix of green tea with cinnamon and Indian spices, you don’t need to add any sugar to it, it tastes great as it is. The other two are: the Diuretic tea and the Diet Support tea, those contain natural fat burners and also help get rid of excess water. Each pack is approximately 10 EGP!

I loved trying those products, and I feel a difference, I am more energetic and surely healthier, and I also lost a kilo and a half (Hurray!!) in only 10 days. Give it a shot you won’t regret it.


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