When life gives you lemons, have yourself a lemonade!

Yogurt Lemonade this Ramadan! Try something new this Ramadan, how about a refreshing drink full of health benefits and absolutely delicious?! Break your fast with something out of the norm, with something absolutely refreshing and thank us later!

Ever tried adding some yogurt to your lemonade? It sounds weird but it tastes amazing! Adding yogurt to your lemonade makes it less sour, so you don’t have to add any sugar and is also great for your stomach, it will take away any stomach aches since yogurt always helps sooth the stomach. It is also a refreshing drink after a long rough day of fasting!

All you have to do is follow this simple recipe:

Total Time 10 minutes

Makes 4 cups


1 cup fresh lemon juice (from about 6 lemons)

1 cup of yogurt

Some Ice

Directions: Squeeze the lemons, add 2 ½ cups water. Add a cup of yogurt and stir. Add some ice as well to make it more like a smoothie! Add some ginger on top for a fantastic flavor! You can add crushed ice to make it a smoothie!

Let us know what you think!


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