Light Bilila Recipe

Eating whole grains is a MUST, so don’t take it lightly. Why? Simply because they are full of fiber, ease digestion and most importantly they aid in weight loss!  Here is our whole grain wheat in milk Bilila recipe.

Since we are all looking for ways to keep ourselves warm in this freezing winter! Here is the whole grain wheat in milk (Belila) recipe! It will keep you warm, will give you an energy boost and will surely keep you healthy!

Belila is a popular desert in Egypt, usually served as breakfast, pretty close to Porridge in England, just a little bit sweeter!

Preparation time: 6 hours

Yes, Belila takes quite a long time to cook, so if you wake up hungry, Belila is not your best option. It is best if you prepare it from the day before!


– 2 cups of wheat

– 6 cups of skimmed milk

– 4 tablespoons of honey

– A pinch of cinnamon

– A pinch of coconut

Cooking Instructions

– Wash wheat and put it in a deep pan.

– Pour water till it covers 3/4 of the pan.

– Cook on minimum temperature for 6 hours until it becomes tender.

– Add milk, sprinkle some cinnamon and coconut on top.

– Sweeten With sugar and serve.

Enjoy your BELILA!




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