There is no shame in getting caught having a snack right before sleep because hey, we all do it!  But you still have to think smart when it comes to eating late at night, and avoid foods that can be your body’s worst nightmare before bed! Otherwise, you can kiss the dream of having an amazing physique goodbye.

Here are 4  foods that are your body’s worst nightmare!

1) Ice cream

foods - worst

Ice cream might actually be the most comforting food but yet it’s one of the worst things to eat before bed. How can something so good, be so bad? For starters, ice cream is loaded with fat which is digested at a slow rate, and it contains lots of sugar that will definitely keep you up. While the taste might be calming, the results are not going to make you happy. In general, try to avoid foods with high sugar content late at night.

2) Pasta

foods - worst

Well, as it is ready in only 7 minutes… this is an easy and a quick fix for those who want to kill their cravings before bed, but it is not a recommended night time meal. Not only is it filled with carbohydrates, but it’s also very calorie-dense . In order to avoid excessive calories settling around, it’s better to save this plate for lunch time.

3) Pizza

foods - worst

When was the last time you convinced yourself: One slice is not the end of the world?! But let’s be honest, who really stops at one slice? Pizza contains far too many calories to have it right before bedtime. The layer of tomato sauce has high levels of acidity, and the greasy toppings are very likely to stir up heartburn. That is not the way you want to wake up in the middle of the night! It is better to avoid high- carb foods, save them for your lunch!

4) Red Meat

foods - worst

Red meats and proteins in general take a long time to get digested inside your body. Opt for light, lean or smaller portions of proteins if you choose to have them late at night!


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